Brooklin Collectors Club

Welcome to the Brooklin Collectors Club

We are in our 30th year and are the only official Brooklin Collectors Club that has the full approval of Brooklin Models Ltd., located in Bath, England.


The Brooklin Collectors Club issues a magazine three times a year during April, August and December. Members are encouraged to utulize the magazine by submitting to het editor informative articles, items of Brooklin interest, and/or ads promoting the sale, want lists, or the exchange of Brooklin models. The BCC also issues an annual Club calencar and a membership card as well.


A desirable special limited edition Brooklin Collectors Club model is made available. Subscription necessary by form.


The Brooklin Collectors Club seeks to keep members informed and up to date with all or any developments at Brooklin Models Ltd. 

It's not just white metal. It's a Brooklin!